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Married to Chipper Hayes, 25 years. One son, Skipper (22) One GrandSon, Hayden (2)
Travels after the Goose.
Since leaving the Goose in the summer of 70 we moved to Bossier City, LA where my dad was stationed at Barksdale, AFB. Unlike the rest of my family, I never left the area.

Supervisor with the U.S. Postal Service (7 1/2 years), not expecting to go postal anytime soon. My son is also an employee with the Postal Service (4 years). My husband is a Seargeant with the Shreveport Police Department (17 years).

Boyfriends At The Goose: Sam Sims, Sam Sims, Sam Sims and John Entrekin, Tod Edstrom and Chris Coolahan
Best Friends: A host of which I can't remember clearly, but Anita James, Debbie Westerberg, Georgette and Jeanette Bullock, Lori Edstrom, Gay Daly, Pam Boots, and many more that I hope to renew acquaintances with during this and the next reunion
Best Memories: I really enjoyed all the time spent at the Teen Club. I loved to dance and still do. The slumber parties and the time spent doing, I'm sure stuff that we shouldn't have. Snowmobiling was a blast and skiing was the pits. I live in the South and love to water ski, but snow skiing I leave to the limited time I spent at the Goose.
Favorite Songs: Leaving On a Jet Plane, Inna-Gadda-Da-Vida, Turn Around and Look At Me, and many more. I still love to listen to the oldies on the radio.