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Married Ken Bottari from Philadelphia in 1980, divorced in 1996. Two great kids, Lisa (born in 1987 at Hidkam AFB, HI) and Amy (born in 1990 at Scott AFB, IL)
Left the Goose in 1969 and went to Davis-Monthan AFB. Moved to Scottsdale, AZ in 1971 when my dad retired. Graduated from college in 1978 then started my own Air Force career as a Transportation Officer with assignments to Shaw AFB, SC, RheinMain AB, Germany, Hickam AFB, HI, Scott AFB, IL, and Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. My most rewarding AF assignment was working counterdrug support operations in South America. I retired from the Air Force and currently work for Allied Signal Aerospace in Tucson, AZ. My favorite leisure activity is GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, with a few days a week after work in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio.

Bachelor of Arts, Foreign Languages, Arizona State University
Master of Science in International Relations, Troy State University

Lived at the Goose from 1967-1969 and loved every minute of it (actually, is there anyone around who didn't love it?) My fondest memories aren't of school (wonder why that is?) but of being out at night in the middle of winter with cold, crisp, clean air, white snow piled everywhere, and looking up into the night sky at the Northern Lights. It was an awesome thing to behold. My best friend was Patti Pitts who will remembe that I always wanted to go to her house so she could play the piano for me, and then let me play...I finally go my own in 1989! I always think of Patti when I sit down to play (not well, but then no one has to listen but me!). And of course there was Casey Merrill (she lives here in Tucson also!), Nancy Knutty, Sue Welch, Jody Britt, Freddie Smith, Georgette, and all sorts of kids who have faces but I can't remember their names. My favorite album was "Hair", my favorite group was the 5th Dimension, and my favorite song from back then was "The Age of Aquarius" which still reminds me of the Goose if I happen to hear it on an Oldies station(!) I don't have a favorite teacher but I hated Miss Barksdale who managed to have to "bark" at me several times throughout my seventh grade year for either reading novels in class or talking. I didn't date anyone (I was so FAT back then!) but I'm sure I had crushes on a few boys, but who remembers. (Actually, I had a serious crush on Jim Bramlett!!). I tried smoking on the shuttle bus at Sue Welch's urging and practically died right then and there. Those were awkward, trying years as pre-teen years go, but they were good ones. I hope to see everyone in Las Vegas!!
Favorite Saying: Play Hard Or Go Home!
Best regards to all, Dede