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2302 Sand Pointe Lane
South Jordan, UT 84095
e-mail: OR
Home Phone: 801-446-7142

Married to Kathleen Car, 23 Years. 4 Children---Kimberly (21), David (18), Kevin (almost 9), and Kary (6)

Graduate from Goose High School--1969
B.S. in Economics, Brigham Young University
M.B.A. with finance emphasis, University of Utah

After graduating from "Goose High" in 69, I left to attend B.Y.U. in Provo, Utah for the 69-70 school year. Returned to the "Goose" in the summer of 70 and helped my family move to Bossier City, Louisiana (Barksdale, AFB). Spent some of the summer of 1970 with the Mozeleskis in Illinois and also with Don Smith in Irving, Texas. Returned to BYU for fall 1970 but left in Jan 71 for Cape Cod, Mass. to stay with Rich Mozeleski. I bummed around with Rich until May 71 ending up out in the sticks of Tennessee. I returned to Louisiana in May 71. Spent two years as a "Mormon" missionary in London and Southeastern England from Nov 71 to Oct 73. Following my mission, I returned to BYU in Jan 74 where I stayed until graduating in 77. I met my wife at BYU and we were married August 75. Following graduation, I accepted a job with a large bank in Salt Lake City, but after 4 years I needed a change. In 81 I went back to school, enrolling in the M.B.A. program at the University of Utah and graduated in 1982. I worked for the University for a year and a half following graduation doing teaching and consulting for small businesses at which point I accepted an offer to join my present employer; Alliant Techsystems. My current position is financial manager for Commercial Launch Vehicles. Alliant builds large solid propellant rocket motors for space lanuch vehicles.

Best Friends: Don Smith, Rich Mozeleski, Chuck Lerner, Mike Moehring, Daryl Mcilhargie and many others that I shared great times with
Best Memories: Far and away the number one memory is the relationship we shared. It was like one big family. Of course rehearsing adn performing in our group "The Image" with Don Smith, Chuck Lerner and Mike Moehring stands out as a favorite. We did just about everything together! I loved going to the NCO Club on Saturday mornings for French Toast breakfasts, also listening to the bands that would play there, the hours spent shooting pool, playing ping-pong, listening to the juke box and just goofing off at the teen center. Remember the paint job we gave that place (and ourselves). Other favorites include hanging out in the senior lounge at school, exploring the woods and back roads around the base, playing in the river, shagging the buses and taxis and trying not to get caught, eating chili dogs at the terminal cafeteria late at night, lighting the paper napkins on fire there and just watching to see if any new kids would arrive. How about the senior slave sale. I was bought by Brenda Bressette and she curled my hair and made me wear them to school or how about stuffing about 15? kids into a Volkswagen Beetle. I remember being stuck underneath everyone and feeling like I was going to suffocate or get crushed.
Worst Memories: Like so many others, saying goodbye to friends as they left.