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Bio's S thru Z

(Brother of Al Sims)
3106 Sesbania Dr.
Austin, TX 78748
Home Phone: (512) 280-7562
Work Phone: (512) 482-4297

Married to Didi Stuart--13 years. One Son, Kirby (3 1/2) and another son due October 1998

Moved to Austin, TX after leaving Goose Bay where I have resided since. I worked as a Merchant Seaman on and off for several years in the 70's on several Tug Boats. Sailed to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Seaboard. I still have a warm spot in my heart for Gibraltar and Djibouti. Spent some time in Kaiserslautern, Germany where my brother AL was stationed, but always returned to Austin. Currently I work for a color separation firm in customer service where I have been the last nine years.

Got to Goose Bay August of 1968, and left right after a snow storm in June of 1970. "Hey Jude" was just starting to play on the radio when we first got there, and "American Woman" was just coming out when we left. One of my earliest memories of Goose Bay was a bunch of people going over to the Canadian side one night and paying a visit to an old abandoned hospital. My memory fails me now so I can't remember who all was there, but it was right after school had started, but before the first snowfall. I remember going into that scary building and even making it as far as the morgue. What a rush! I think that night was also the first of many times I was to hear about the Labrador Man. Did anybody ever see this guy? Other memories include: the class of '69 Senior Lounge. Was that not the coolest? I think I spent more time my senior year in the lounge, than in class. And who didn't spend time at the ski slopes looking across that vast expanse of land and wonder what was on the other side of the river? One year a group of us walked across the ice and over to the other side of the river. Everyone was nearly frozen, but man what a feeling. I remember campouts, days and nights out in the forest coming back to civilization only when we had run out of food or beer. Hanging out with my buds, Roger, Craig, Keith, and Rob...the original slackers. Midnight pizza at Teen Town. Getting lost in the woods at night and hoping the Labrador Man wasn't out that night. Riding around with Roger Siegford in "Captain America". The Northern Lights. Drives out to Melville in the middle of a snow storm. The Beatle's White Album. Making out on the housing bus. Does anyone remember the computerized match held at school in 1969? Do you remember who you were matched with? Doing the "Crocodile". Most of all I remember how sad it was saying goodbye to so many of my friends, and thinking that I would probably never see any of you again. What a great thing now to be able to talk to you all once again. Hope to see you in '99.

I Can Be Found At Picture Numbers:

P.O. Box 4356
Lago Vista, TX 78645

Married-1979--Divorced-1996, Three Children--Travis (16), Derek (13) and Megan (11)
Current Guy In My Life--Lou Huff (great guy)

Graduated From Alamagordo High School, Alamogordo, NM

Office Manager for Speciality Machine Inc. (10 years)

Years At The Goose: June 68-June 70
Favorite Guys: Way Too Many
Favorite Group: The band called the IMAGE (Don Smith, Rich Clemons, Rob Blum and the drummer?) and I am sure I left a guitar player out. Rich will know who played. Does everyone remember the band? They wore the Blue Lumber Jackets.

I Can Be Found At Picture Numbers:


Married to Rick since 1972--Three Children, Tim (23), Kristy (21), and Patrick (18)

Graduated From Tipton High School (1972)

Years At The Goose: Nov 68-Nov 70
Favorite Teacher: Careen Eagerton (Algebra)
Least Favorite Teacher: Ms. James (World History), Mr. DeCecco (Earth Science, he tried to get everyone to wear gum on their nose), and a female study hall teacher who made me write 500 times "When I Chew Gum, I Look Like A Cow" (Thanks to everyone who helped me with that project)
Best Friends: Bev Breeding and Martha Entrekin
Favorite Places To Hang Out: Teen Town, "The Woods", Ski Slope, basement of whoever was having a party, and base gym
Song That Most Reminds Me Of The Goose: "Leavin' On A Jet Plane" --Our Sad Anthem
Who I Dated, Liked, Etc: Jerry Lawson, Dave Heintz, Rebel (Jim) Still, Stan Willis, and so on
Who I Would Like To Get In Touch With: Mike and Jimmy Metz, Pam Boots, and Jerry Lawson
My Thoughts On The Goose: Every teenager in history has had problems. I was very fortunate to spend my formative years at the Goose. I moved to the Goose when I was 14. I spent alot more time with my friends than my parents would have allowed had we still lived in California. They felt I was safe and I was. I did things I wouldn't want my kids to do, but I had a safety net of friends around me who stuck close. I was in love with almost every teen-aged boy at the Goose at one time or another. There were so many dreamy, handsome guys to choose from...but I had my favorites and they know who they are. I wouldn't give up friendships and acquaintances I had at the Goose for the World!

I Can Be Found At Picture Numbers:

352 Belanger Ave
Grosse Pointe Farms, MI 48236
Home: 313-881-2365---Work: 313-882-3300 ext. 2400

Married for 27 years to Glenn (a 2Lt I met on the Goose--Retired from the Air Force Reserves March 97 after 28 years---Three Sons--Matthew(25), Andrew (21), William (19)
Left the Goose in November 70 and went to Grissom AFB, IN. Married Glenn in Jan 1971. Stationed at Upper Heyford, England from 71-73. Tipton, IN from 73-74, East Lansing, MI from 74-80, and Groose Pointe Farms from 80 to present
Current Interests Include Singing, Writing, Gardening, Graphic Design, and Reading

Graduated From Goose Bay High School Class of '70--Yeah Flyers!!
Currently Attending College

Years At The Goose: Nov 68-Nov 70
Favorite Teacher: Carolyn Geiser (English)
Least Favorite Teacher: Miss Tomczak (Geometry)--Thanks to Harry Cheek without whom I never would have passed that awful class--(I've never forgotten you Harry)
Best Friend: Ann Metts
Best Dancers: John Trauernicht and Russ Spies (could someone please find them?)
Who I'd Love to Find: Chuck Lerner, Russ Spies, Ann Metts
Songs that remind me most of the Goose: Crystal Blue Persuasion, You've Made Me So Very Happy, and Bridge Over Troubled Water
Fondest Memories of the Goose: I think there are probably too many to name them all, but I'll mention a few: The cold, clear water; Northern lights; crisp, cold winter nights that made it hard to move your lips; taking the shuttle to Teen Town (especially if you were with someone special; backetball and volleyball games (the Flyers always lost but they played hard against men older and stronger); Teen Town dances (mind-numbing, body abusing dance marathons); the heartwrenchingly sad farewells at the MAC terminal; dancing with Russ Spies (where are you Russ?); the day most of the Seniors skipped classes after performing "Life With Father" for the elementary school kids--even though Miss Racic did chew us all out the next day; Short ribbons; Afraid the one day I was going to get in the way of one of those humungus snow blowers and be scattered all over the place; the Junior Class talent show; skiing--remember how heavy the tow rope got when the snow was soft?; Hamilton River....and of course Secret Crush: RCL (the timing was never right).

I Can Be Found At Picture Numbers:


Married Ken Bottari from Philadelphia in 1980, divorced in 1996. Two great kids, Lisa (born in 1987 at Hidkam AFB, HI) and Amy (born in 1990 at Scott AFB, IL)
Left the Goose in 1969 and went to Davis-Monthan AFB. Moved to Scottsdale, AZ in 1971 when my dad retired. Graduated from college in 1978 then started my own Air Force career as a Transportation Officer with assignments to Shaw AFB, SC, RheinMain AB, Germany, Hickam AFB, HI, Scott AFB, IL, and Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ. My most rewarding AF assignment was working counterdrug support operations in South America. I retired from the Air Force and currently work for Allied Signal Aerospace in Tucson, AZ. My favorite leisure activity is GOLF, GOLF, GOLF, with a few days a week after work in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio.

Bachelor of Arts, Foreign Languages, Arizona State University
Master of Science in International Relations, Troy State University

Lived at the Goose from 1967-1969 and loved every minute of it (actually, is there anyone around who didn't love it?) My fondest memories aren't of school (wonder why that is?) but of being out at night in the middle of winter with cold, crisp, clean air, white snow piled everywhere, and looking up into the night sky at the Northern Lights. It was an awesome thing to behold. My best friend was Patti Pitts who will remembe that I always wanted to go to her house so she could play the piano for me, and then let me play...I finally go my own in 1989! I always think of Patti when I sit down to play (not well, but then no one has to listen but me!). And of course there was Casey Merrill (she lives here in Tucson also!), Nancy Knutty, Sue Welch, Jody Britt, Freddie Smith, Georgette, and all sorts of kids who have faces but I can't remember their names. My favorite album was "Hair", my favorite group was the 5th Dimension, and my favorite song from back then was "The Age of Aquarius" which still reminds me of the Goose if I happen to hear it on an Oldies station(!) I don't have a favorite teacher but I hated Miss Barksdale who managed to have to "bark" at me several times throughout my seventh grade year for either reading novels in class or talking. I didn't date anyone (I was so FAT back then!) but I'm sure I had crushes on a few boys, but who remembers. (Actually, I had a serious crush on Jim Bramlett!!). I tried smoking on the shuttle bus at Sue Welch's urging and practically died right then and there. Those were awkward, trying years as pre-teen years go, but they were good ones. I hope to see everyone in Las Vegas!!
Favorite Saying: Play Hard Or Go Home!
Best regards to all, Dede

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