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(Brother of Al Sims)
3106 Sesbania Dr.
Austin, TX 78748
Home Phone: (512) 280-7562
Work Phone: (512) 482-4297

Married to Didi Stuart--13 years. One Son, Kirby (3 1/2) and another son due October 1998

Moved to Austin, TX after leaving Goose Bay where I have resided since. I worked as a Merchant Seaman on and off for several years in the 70's on several Tug Boats. Sailed to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, as well as the Gulf Coast and the Eastern Seaboard. I still have a warm spot in my heart for Gibraltar and Djibouti. Spent some time in Kaiserslautern, Germany where my brother AL was stationed, but always returned to Austin. Currently I work for a color separation firm in customer service where I have been the last nine years.

Got to Goose Bay August of 1968, and left right after a snow storm in June of 1970. "Hey Jude" was just starting to play on the radio when we first got there, and "American Woman" was just coming out when we left. One of my earliest memories of Goose Bay was a bunch of people going over to the Canadian side one night and paying a visit to an old abandoned hospital. My memory fails me now so I can't remember who all was there, but it was right after school had started, but before the first snowfall. I remember going into that scary building and even making it as far as the morgue. What a rush! I think that night was also the first of many times I was to hear about the Labrador Man. Did anybody ever see this guy? Other memories include: the class of '69 Senior Lounge. Was that not the coolest? I think I spent more time my senior year in the lounge, than in class. And who didn't spend time at the ski slopes looking across that vast expanse of land and wonder what was on the other side of the river? One year a group of us walked across the ice and over to the other side of the river. Everyone was nearly frozen, but man what a feeling. I remember campouts, days and nights out in the forest coming back to civilization only when we had run out of food or beer. Hanging out with my buds, Roger, Craig, Keith, and Rob...the original slackers. Midnight pizza at Teen Town. Getting lost in the woods at night and hoping the Labrador Man wasn't out that night. Riding around with Roger Siegford in "Captain America". The Northern Lights. Drives out to Melville in the middle of a snow storm. The Beatle's White Album. Making out on the housing bus. Does anyone remember the computerized match held at school in 1969? Do you remember who you were matched with? Doing the "Crocodile". Most of all I remember how sad it was saying goodbye to so many of my friends, and thinking that I would probably never see any of you again. What a great thing now to be able to talk to you all once again. Hope to see you in '99.