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Married to Rick since 1972--Three Children, Tim (23), Kristy (21), and Patrick (18)

Graduated From Tipton High School (1972)

Years At The Goose: Nov 68-Nov 70
Favorite Teacher: Careen Eagerton (Algebra)
Least Favorite Teacher: Ms. James (World History), Mr. DeCecco (Earth Science, he tried to get everyone to wear gum on their nose), and a female study hall teacher who made me write 500 times "When I Chew Gum, I Look Like A Cow" (Thanks to everyone who helped me with that project)
Best Friends: Bev Breeding and Martha Entrekin
Favorite Places To Hang Out: Teen Town, "The Woods", Ski Slope, basement of whoever was having a party, and base gym
Song That Most Reminds Me Of The Goose: "Leavin' On A Jet Plane" --Our Sad Anthem
Who I Dated, Liked, Etc: Jerry Lawson, Dave Heintz, Rebel (Jim) Still, Stan Willis, and so on
Who I Would Like To Get In Touch With: Mike and Jimmy Metz, Pam Boots, and Jerry Lawson
My Thoughts On The Goose: Every teenager in history has had problems. I was very fortunate to spend my formative years at the Goose. I moved to the Goose when I was 14. I spent alot more time with my friends than my parents would have allowed had we still lived in California. They felt I was safe and I was. I did things I wouldn't want my kids to do, but I had a safety net of friends around me who stuck close. I was in love with almost every teen-aged boy at the Goose at one time or another. There were so many dreamy, handsome guys to choose from...but I had my favorites and they know who they are. I wouldn't give up friendships and acquaintances I had at the Goose for the World!